Our large shipping box includes approximately 25 assorted tropical flowers and foliage. 

Flowers may vary depending on availability 

Large Shipping Box

  • Mahalo for your purchase! Here are some guidelines for flower care:

    Upon receiving this package of fresh Hawaiian flowers, trim all stems at an angle 1" or more from the bottom and place into fresh room temp water in a vase or vessel. 

    If you have received lei, store in your refrigerator until ready to wear, as far from the freezer as possible

    Please use care when unpacking the flowers as many are fragile and subject to breakage or bruising

    Whenever possible, keep your flowers in a cool area, out of direct sunlight

    To ensure maximum freshness, be sure to change out the water and trim the stems every few days. 


    Most importantly, enjoy!


    The Team at Grace Flowers Hawaii