New and interesting finds

It's been a whirlwind of a summer and we can't believe fall is here! In the flurry of flowers literally flying in and out of our doors, we've managed to collect images of some of our favorite new finds...

Calathea 'Curcuma': Some of our favorite shades are magenta, pink and white. Long-lasting and large blooms add lushness and textural interest to our arrangements.

Fern Neolepisorus ovatus variegatus: We can't get enough of the variegation pattern and the hardiness of this fern.

Century plant: Still undergoing vase life tests for arrangement feasibility, but it makes a great display in our front window! The yucca-like flowers seem to be holding quite well.

Anthurium: This new variety hasn't been named yet and we've found it to be one of those insatiable colors towing the line between magenta, raspberry and mauve. This variety also keeps in line with the new trend of the shorter and darker spadix matching and enhancing the color of the spathe.

Phalaenopsis orchid: This particular variety is the closest to all-white that we've seen yet. Stunning in its' flawlessness with only hints of lavender and pale yellow, when a bride wants all-white, this will be sure to deliver.

Century plant and calathea 'curcuma' in action in this all-Hawaiian grown centerpiece...