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Lei; a special touch

The staff at Grace Flowers Hawaii LOVE lei, whether it is making, giving or receiving lei. The lei custom was introduced by early Polynesian voyagers, and they would craft lei from flowers, leaves, shells, seeds, nuts, feathers and even bone and teeth of animals. In Hawaiian tradition, lei was worn to beautify and to distinguish themselves from others. Today, lei is traditionally given for arrivals, departures, birthdays, performances, graduations, weddings, any special occasion or just to simply say aloha!

We love working with our customers to craft the perfect lei they gift. Here are some of our recent favorites...

Stephanotis, rope and thick style

On the left: white crown flower, maile and purple kissing crown with pink bougainvillea twist, on the right: white crown flower shawl

Double coral rosebud

White crown flower, orchid and tuberose mix, maile-style ti leaf, and ilima-bougainvillea twist.

#lei #graduation #weddings #birthdays

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